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Learn more about FOCUS ERP (formerly known as eFactory) by visiting the FOCUS ERP page.

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Focus ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Customer Relationship Mangement CRM

CRM, Quote, Order Fullfillment, Invoice

Any business which has multiple customers will require an efficient system to help manage your customers. Focus ERP’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system does just that for you. By accessing the CRM module you have all the customers’ information at your fingertip. You will be able to know what conversation has been recorded by any of your sales team, all the quotes ever sent to each customer, and all the sales which have been processed for that customer – all this can be accessed with a click or two.

Timesheets and Expense Entry ERP

Timesheet, Material & Expense Entry

If you in a service business you likely will invoice your client based on the time and material charge. Focus ERP does that extremely well for you. You won’t have to worry about missing charging any time because the system will scoop up all the outstanding hours or expenses entered for a client or project or work order, and summarize the items for you to invoice. It’s that simple.

Accounting ERP


Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your company sales, expenses and financial information whenever and wherever you need them? Yes, here is another advantage of using Focus ERP, which is an online web-based application accessible from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. Focus ERP is hosted on cloud computing, providing you with fast and accurate access to your data.

Inventory Management ERP

Inventory Management

Inventory Management doesn’t have to be painful. Focus ERP was designed to ensure you have the right level of inventory in your warehouse at all times. With a click of a button the system will let you know which inventories are low, and can automatically generate Purchase Orders for re-ordering the items from your defaulted vendor.