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Secure IT Solutions

Companies large and small are moving toward outsourcing to satisfy IT requirements. Rapid advancements in Information Technology are problematic for companies because it is costly to keep employees current. The Enfocom solution provides up-to-date knowledge and professional services to augment your IT department.

IT Security is no longer one more thing to do. Rather, it affects all you do!
IT Security is driven by both business and technology needs. Leverage our Secure IT solutions team to architect network solutions that integrate security through all layers and project cycles.

Instead of bolting IT Security onto a project Enfocom integrates IT Security into all aspects of a projectís life cycle.

Enfocom offers the following Secure IT Solution services:

  • Security Audit and Consulting
  • Server Infrastructure Services
  • Virtualization and Consolidation Services
  • Network Services
  • Storage & Data Solutions







Enfocom provides a high level of support and technical expertise to IT departments and organizations in need of ISS augmentation.