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March 2004

AGA Auction Website - Website Design and Development

The AGA required an extensible, easy to use solution for their annual fundraising. They decided to test drive an online auction to find the highest bidder for a 2004 Buick Rendezvous. We created the requirements for the project based on current web best practices and a little bit of shopping on eBay! Our site combines a simple but effective design, and skillful programming to create the online solution that will provide the AGA with a long-term return on investment.

Instead of the time-consuming administration of a raffle every year that requires additional costs for printing services, volunteer recruitment etc. Enfocom has created an online solution that provides them with the ability to raise thousands of dollars more than their cost every year!

Even better - with a minimal investment next year, Enfocom has the ability to increase the functionality of their site and provide even more fundraising potential by ensuring that the original application was architected to handle any future additions.






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