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March 2007

Enfocom adds K'(Prime) Technologies Inc. to its list of eFactory ERP Customers

Herbert Fensury, President of ENFOCOM, is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully signed a contract with K'(Prime) Technologies Inc. in Calgary for the use of the online eFactory ERP business system. Under this agreement K'(Prime) will be taking advantage of the next generation web-based ERP system to help streamline their business process and workflow, and to help increase their productivity.

K'(Prime) Technologies is a company that expects the latest and greatest software technology.  ENFOCOM's web-based ERP system allows accessibility for multi business locations, staff traveling, and working from home.  This is a benefit that no company should be without.  The ERP system also allows customers and vendors to login online to track Quotes, Sales Orders, Work Orders, Invoices, Deliveries, Purchase Orders, Inventory and much more. This return on investment (ROI) is something that simply cannot be overlooked.  ENFOCOM can also help with Data Migration.

K'(Prime) Technologies' focus is to sell, service and support laboratory equipment in a manner most cost effective to the customers. Their clients are in the fields of oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, research facilities, government agencies, education, and healthcare. 

They can customize gas analyzers for the determination of refinery natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, aromatic hydrocarbons, diesel, and other oil products. These analyzers can be used to prove fuel specifications, true boiling points, sample composition (i.e.: carbon number, PONA) or for other requested requirements. Customized gas samplers for introduction into high pressure cylinders or ambient pressure bottles are also available.

ENFOCOM was established in 1999 and is focused on providing software development and technology consulting services to local and international clientele. Enfocom has maintained a controlled growth curve, even in the technology downturn years.






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