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November 2002

North York Sheridan Mall - E-commerce Website Design and Development

What GolfStatus does for Alberta Golf Association!

"Alberta Golf Association runs 43 events a year, keeping up with such a heavy load can be time consuming and taxing on those in charge. When Enfocom International Corp. approached us; we were in the market for technology that would ease the burden of not only myself but also the association in general. We were looking for a program that would make the speed with which events can be set up and scored. With GolfStatus, we not only got a faster and more efficient program but also great technical support."

"Working with the people at Enfocom to build a program that suited our needs was very easy, as they are very accommodating and hardworking. I would make a request for a change in the program and 10 minutes later I had a new version in front of me. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has tournament scoring needs to talk to Enfocom, it definitely get the stamp of approval from the Alberta Golf Association."

Tim Gordon
Tournament Events & Marketing Manager
Alberta Golf Association






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