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eFactory is now known as FOCUS ERP

Enfocom has rebranded its web-based Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP) software system. eFactory is now FOCUS ERP.
The product information below is still fully applicable, however, we encourage you to visit our high-level overview page for the FOCUS ERP highlights.


eFactory - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Product Overview

eFactory is an Enterprise Resource Planning system specifically developed with small and medium companies in mind. It is flexible, easy to use and can be setup as online Software as a Service (SaaS) or as a stand alone Intranet system within a company. The SaaS is a service hosted on our servers and accessible via cloud computing - this removes any overhead cost associated with having to run and maintain your own servers. The system is also designed to meet the production process of ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facilities.

The system helps streamline your operations and grow your business by having a fully integrated system. There will be no more redundant data entry into multiple systems that significantly increase overhead costs and are prone to human errors. eFactory will integrate with your current accounting package to make implementation a snap. The capability to see your systems data on the web when ever or where ever you are is feature that no company should be without.


Customers' Testimonials

Paul Frederick – President of Caliper Inspection Ltd.

 "Caliper Inspection Ltd. provides quality inspection services and specializes in vendor surveillance, expediting and quality manual and procedural development. We promise compliance verification through integrity matched with excellence in execution. We were challenged with managing large volumes of job data; this data was then used for work order generation and creation of invoices. Previously we used access databases to manage data, but found that we had surpassed its capabilities. Herb and his team demonstrated proficient listening and understanding of our challenges including our complex business processes. As a result we went through a customization and enhancement development phase before implementation. FocusERP aka eFactory has been implemented and successfully adopted by the company. Our invoicing process has been streamlined and we now generate and issue bi-monthly invoices in half the time. Our implementation was successful and we continue to enjoy a relationship with Herb and his team in the delivery of support services."

Louis Keleman – President of SIMO Corporation

 "Simo Corporation is a manufacturer of contract wood office furniture. Over its 30+ year history, Simo has looked at numerous MRP and ERP software packages. In each case the software was very expensive and had significant development costs and extensive implementation lead-times associated with it. This, along with a substantial infra-structure of hardware and human resources to manage the software simply made the purchase of such a software impractical for a smaller company such as Simo. As a result Simo has for over 10 years relied on an internally developed order processing system that managed order processing and shop work-order generation. eFactory is the first software of its kind being web-based that addresses most of the above issues of the past by reducing client overhead while offering a completely integrated solution. A degree of customization to accommodate Simo’s unique processes has been seamless.”

Mr. Joseph Hwang, Production Director, Gikoko Kogyo Ltd.

“In order to improve the administration and operational efficiency we had sought integrated manufacturing planning and control IT software packages in Indonesia, Japan and US and Europe. After two years of receiving presentations, attending seminars and going through in- depth discussions with at least half a dozen vendors we were not able to find an ERP, Finance and CRM web-based package offered at under US$100,000. We received proposals from and evaluated in details Microsoft's Solomon, NEC Indonesia, IBM Solution and SCALA from Sweden. We concluded that the systems examined were either too costly or lacked the capabilities necessary to provide effective production management for our facilities. We finally chose eFactory as the production planning software system for our business and production needs.”


Product Benefits

  • Handles the entire life-cycle from quoting, to sales order, to work orders, to invoicing, and to delivery.
  • Seamlessly ties into your accounting system. (Examples: ACCPAC, QuickBooks)
  • Accurately calculate all your material requirements, generate automatic and manual purchase orders.
  • Completely eliminate any duplicate manual data entry, potential human errors and save you an enormous amount of labor time resulting in substantial overhead costs.
  • Automate your current business practice by mapping your workflow and help impose pre-set approval process; which will speed up and simplify running your business.
  • Eliminate workflow challenges, bottlenecks and empower the sales team with better information to close deals easier and faster 24/7/365.
  • Help your plant become more efficient and improve your bottom line profits.
  • Eliminate the process of having different departments using two or more software systems to run your company.
  • AND, discover a solution that has an extremely fast payback which will make your factory an additional $20,000 - $100,000 per year.




  • Manage User accounts
  • Manage System Settings
  • Manage System Languages (or create your own)
  • Manage Security
  • Manage the "choice lists" in the system
  • Manage the Workflow process in the system
  • Manage the Security Groups
  • Manage Contact attributes for both Vendor and Customer
  • Manage Attributes for Individual Profiles

Customer Relationship Management

  • Create and Manage Customers
  • Create and Manage Contacts for each customer
  • Create and Manage Quotations for each customer
  • Manage Sales Orders for Each Customer
  • Manage default Taxes for each Customer
  • Manage default Currency for each Customer
  • Create an invoice for each customer
  • View Customer activity
  • Record Customer Activity


  • Manage New Vendor Requests
  • Manage New Inventory Request
  • Manage Vendors
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Create Batch Purchase Orders from the Suggested Order Report
  • Approve Inventory Adjustments
  • Record Vendor Activity


  • Find Inventory and adjust quantities
  • Move Inventory between locations
  • Find Purchase Orders and Receive them
  • Fill Work Orders
  • Receive Used Inventory
  • Record Wastage

Production Management

  • Find Sales Orders
  • Process Product Templates into Work Orders
  • Split Work Orders (when quantity greater than 1)
  • Send Product Template to Technical Group for approval
  • Release work orders to Production
  • View accrued cost on Sales and Work Orders
  • Associate Sales Order to Projects
  • View Sales Order Activity
  • View Work Order Activity
  • View and Create Progress reports

Product Template Management

  • Create and Manage Product templates
  • Create Product Template with sub assemblies
  • Assign Labor to Template
  • Assign Inventory to Template
  • Attach document such as assembly Instructions to Template
  • Attach a picture to the Template
  • Associate the Product Template to an Inventory Id
  • Make a new Vendor Request
  • Make a new Inventory Request


  • Record User's hours against work orders
  • Manage Labor Types and rates
  • Manage Taxes and tax rates
  • Manage Currency
  • Manage General Ledger Accounts
  • Revenue Details and Summary
  • Expense Details and Summary

Integration to other Accounting Packages

  • Intergrate eFactory to your Accounting system
  • Bi-directional communication between eFactory and your Accounting system
  • Customers, Vendors, Inventory, Labor, Products, Purchase Orders and Invoices

For more information:
To find out more about this product please email sales@enfocom.com
Or you can also call (403) 291-5500.




Enterprise Resource Management for small to medium sized companies begins with eFactory.

Process Management Module

Procurement Module

Product Templates Module

Accounting Module