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eTracker - Enterprise-wide Defect Tracking

Product Overview

The eTracker project was originally developed internally for the purpose of improving and tracking our defect tracking process in real time. It is a Web application that will allow employees and customers to track, manage and follow a process that will improve productivity and reduce company-operating costs. The primary function of the eTracker system currently is to log and track defects by project, type, priority, severity, status and date fields. eTracker has the ability to implement, improve and control company processes that will result in enhanced productivity and while diminishing operating costs.


  • Hierarchy Organization: Allows an unlimited number of projects, which contain defects entered by the users. All defects will have a number of pre-defined fields as well as the capability to add attachments.
  • Data Sorting: Defects can be sorted by any of the fields available to the project (by project, type, priority, severity, status, date, ect.). The sort order can be modified by ascending, descending or to the users preference.
  • Custom Filtering: The user can filter the defect data for specific conditions and combine the filter and the search to accurately produce a search.
  • Generate Reports: Reports can be generated for individual items or for all items reflecting your search criteria with an option of having either a summary or detailed report(s).
  • Admin Functions: Allows administrators to manage users, user privileges and to create and modify fields.
  • User Preferences: Allows users to set the configuration of the home page to the desired search criteria as a default.
  • Software Configuration Management: Will force the users to insert the software version and build a number upon entering a new defect and closing an existing defect.

For more information:
To find out more about this product please email sales@enfocom.com
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Track and eliminate costly software defects with eTracker.

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