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About Us

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be the leader in providing technology solutions in secure network services and secure software products.

Our mission is to provide you with superior quality software development services, software products and technology consulting that enhances and improves your business.


Our Proven Solutions Delivery Process

To develop a superior quality product within your budget and on time, Enfocom utilizes a software process model developed by the world famous Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. This ensures that adequate resources and tools are planned for, reducing the unpleasant surprises that prevent software development projects from being on target and on time.


Solutions That Match Your Needs

The latest is not necessarily the greatest. In finding complimentary solutions we work through a requirements analysis phase that encourages you to answer a series of difficult questions. If you don't know some of the answer, we'll positively offer our suggestions. The right solutions are easy once the real problems we are uncovered and understood.



Leadership is fundamental to the makeup of our organization. We provide our clients and customers with well-planned software strategies and detailed deployment.

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