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The rapid advancements in Information Technology are problematic for companies due to the cost required to keep systems up-to-date. Hiring and keeping employees educated on the latest developments can add up to the already rising costs. Many companies, large and small, are moving toward outsourcing to satisfy their IT requirements.

The ENFOCOM solution provides professional services to augment your IT department, removing the need to hire or train new talent. Our industry knowledge and team of security specialists can provide a true end-to-end solution for your IT needs. We work with you to apply industry-standard security features and future-proof your IT system to make upgrading painless.

In recent years, IT Security has been featured more and more in national news coverage in the form of high profile data breaches from companies big and small. Your data is your business and your customers expect their information to be secure. Leverage our Secure IT solutions team to architect network solutions that integrate security throughout and prevent your company from being the next headline.

Instead of bolting IT Security onto a project ENFOCOM integrates IT Security into all aspects of a project’s life cycle.


Secure IT Solution services

ENFOCOM provides companies with complete Server Infrastructure deployment for everything from traditional data centers to identity and network management to next-generation platforms like cloud and mobile solutions. Our professionals have experience in both business and technology to help determine the vulnerabilities in your system and craft unique solutions to overcome IT Security threats in the present and future. We work with Microsoft to supply professional software solutions and use Azure for all cloud-based infrastructure. (Are you a Canadian company? Azure provides data centers located in Canada).


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IT Consulting Services

- Security and Audit Consulting

- Server Infrastructure Services

- Virtualization and Consolidation Services

- Storage & Data Solutions

- Network Services