Leading Edge Cybersecurity

Cyber Range

A collaborative, affordable, cybersecurity testing and training platform for academic, commercial and aerospace defence

Our Origin Story

Beginning with General Dynamics working on security protocols for physical attacks on military computers I recognized the need for keeping information safe even if the threat is not physically present. ENFOCOM has emerged from this experience and is the leader in the creation of a commercial cyber range which is ready to be used for testing and training technology professionals.

About Us

Our mission is to help our clients improve their cyber security posture to prevent them from being the next target of a cyber-attack by providing innovative cybersecurity consulting, penetration testing and training services.

Our team can emulate network infrastructure and physical devices within the Cyber Range environment to support testing against current and future cyber-attacks. 

Our Why

In 1999 Founder and CEO, Herbert Fensury, saw the unguarded future of IT security and created Canada’s leading cybersecurity company to help companies anticipate  the threat of cyber-attacks.  Now with quality training, testing and scaling we are able to replicate your current complex  infrastructure within our commercial Cyber Range.


We are the only cybersecurity business in Alberta, Canada that has the capabilities to re-create an IT infrastructure within our Cyber Range architecture to simulate cyber-attacks on multiple levels at the same time.

Real world experience

We work with critical infrastructure companies and educational institutions who require uninterrupted services during the testing of their operations and current security system.


We partner with industry professionals, collecting a diverse set of software and hardware solutions to match you with the ones best suited to replicate your current infrastructure.